We are a small team with big ambitions. Our goal is to  help our customers have fun with the materials they have purchased from our shop and create beautiful projects that they are proud of.


Jeff Mack comes from a humble upbringing and started the company in his early 20's. He has a creative eye and easy going approach when it comes to managing his business. When he started the company, his main focus was on Custom Tables. This slowly shifted when the business began to grow and he expanded his journey contributing to the woodworking industry with DIY Supplies. His passion for helping others has been the main drive to growing this business. 


We are very proud of the team we have built. Each employee is passionate about this industry and enjoys making collective, creative decisions as a unit.

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Jeff Mack

Big Mac

Jeff is a husband and has three young sons. As the founder of this company, he is the master of balancing a growing business and family.

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Unofficial Title: Do'er of All Things

Coming from a Fine Arts background, Andrea has welding experience before jumping into the woodworking world. She loves to backpack, travel and hike when possible. 

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Unofficial Title: Swiss-Army Knife

Sanya is a go-getter from the north who tackles any project thrown her way with ease. She started her career in the trades before coming into the wood working world. 

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Unofficial Title: Week-day Warrior 

Venturing out of the city and going for weekend road trips, you can find Emmanuel eating his way through small towns and always trying out new local food spots. He has a true passion for the craft and is always the first one to work early in the morning.  

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Unofficial Title: Lucky Charm

With a  creative eye and great initiative, Conor is a talented woodworker brining a lot of heart to his work. If he's not spending his spare time in nature, you can find him watching the latest sports game or jamming out to music with his vinyl collection.

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Unofficial Title: 007 

Paul has a heart of gold and is willing to take on any task. Going to the cottage on the weekends, Paul loves to be on the water fishing in a canoe, kayak or straight off the dock. Paul was an expert in TIG welding but is now enjoying learning about the woodworking world.

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Unofficial Title: Media Man

In his spare time you can find Erik hanging out with his rescue dog,  building his motorcycle and going on camping adventures in the summer. Coming from a welding background, Erik has made the transition to Media and has never lost focus .

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