47222-S Amana Tool Miniature Flush Trim Plunge Bit

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What's Included:
- one 47222-S Amana Tool Miniature Flush Trim Plunge Template Bit

WARNING! 47222-S reduce feed by 30-50% to prevent tool breakage due to extremely small diameter (D).
Bits are not guaranteed due to extremely small diameter.

Diameter (D) 3/16
Cutting Height (B) 1/4
Shank (d) 1/4
Overall Length (L) 1-3/4
Flutes 2

 What we use it for:

We use this router bit for small areas that need quick detail work. An example would be in this Bear Template we would use it for the mouth area, toes and ears. 

*NOTE* There are no warranty on this bit. Avoid adding too much force which will apply pressure on bearing and lock ring. Reduce speed to 30 - 50 RPM. 

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Paul van der Bank (Cambridge, CA)
Miniature flush-trim bit

Works exactly as expected. Shipping is fast.