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Based on 1967 reviews

I love the molds, very easy to use and easy release. I plan on getting many more

Honeycomb Template (Clear Acrylic)
Rick Ostroski (Dallas, US)
Honeycomb template

Loved it, worked great. Black Diamond Cobalt Blue on Cherry.


DIY Walnut Cookie
Khaled Al-Awadhi (Oviedo, US)
I loved what I got

This cookie was perfect for any project, even if left as it is.

Clear Rubber Feet (4 Pack)
Pat Zingaro (Florence, US)

The clear rubber feet work great on my charcuterie board.

Easy To Use

Great template. I traced the design and cut it on a band saw, first. Then I used double-sided tape to hold the template on the blank and used a flush trim bit on my router table. Caution: ensure your router bit is in the router tight. I had to buy a second template because I ruined the first one the first time I used it because the router bit crept up and cut the template. The new one has been perfect.

DIY Walnut Charcuterie Boards
Bob Cote’ (Miramar Beach, US)
Great quality

I have been using Jeff Mack Supply for the majority of my supplies, they have a great selection of wood and I like the fact that it has already been kiln dried sanded so when you get your order of wood it’s ready to go! Thanks Jeff Mack Supply your ordering process on line is easy to work through and the customer service has always been top notch.

Variety Pack #5 (Full Set - 78 colors) - Beaver Dust Pigments
Estelle RIGNAULT (Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, FR)
Incredibly deep colors

Beaver Dust pigments received in no time, thanks !!!
Colors are deep, incredibly rich.
The "ghost blue" color is amazing : that's really like something surnatural.
Thanks to the Jeff Mack Design team for this discovery

Handle template

Very nice template made some Black Walnut charcuterie board
Very impressed with the results

Resin Molds (NO SEAL Epoxy/Resin Forms)
Pauline Jibb-Pacheco (Mount Forest, CA)
Excellent customer service

One of the items I ordered was lost during shipping - Jeff Mack was quick on sending out a replacement. Did up a pour a few days ago - now to see how easy it is to remove.

Resin Molds (NO SEAL Epoxy/Resin Forms)
Roy Lingley (Marysville, US)

I am extremely impressed with or no-seal molds we purchased. We teach classes and these have been an incredible time saver. Every board comes out perfect. Can’t say enough good things about these

Olive Wood Charcuterie Boards (Rustic)
Bob Cote’ (Miramar Beach, US)
Beautiful wood grain

Made some really beautiful charcuterie boards and coasters with this wood, love it!

Triangle Charcuterie Board Handle Template

Super, really good, easy to use, a wonderful time saver, will be buying some more

Great stuff

Simple effective and arrived on time

Cribbage Pegs
Kenneth jastrzebski (Hackettstown, US)
Acrylic handles

Nice product works great. When making cutting boards it is a must to have

Squid Clear Fast (1" Pours)
Shane Mitchell (Ajax, CA)
Good service good product

Staff at Jeff Mack super helpful and directed me to a product that worked perfectly for my needs

Variety Pack #6- Black Diamond Pigments
Dave Winders (Maynooth, IE)

Very happy with my order

Live Edge Walnut

Purchased 3 pieces..all were amazing.

36" DIY River Sets
Amber (Benton, US)

Great purchase!

705 Universal Max Adhesive
Jason Asbury (Roseville, US)
Great product

My first time using this sort of adhesive. The combination packaging was great and easy to use. The set comes with a connected holder that will keep the two together so I never have to worry about misplacement since I'm guilt of that all the time

36" DIY River Sets
Bryan Le (Los Angeles, US)
Everything I Needed

Ordered a 36” walnut river set and it was perfectly level with great texture and the live edge side was unique. The 36” is perfect for a thinner side table or can be split up into two/three charcuterie boards. Would love to see this done for olive if possible!

Ecopoxy FlowCast
Michael Moore (Franklinville, US)
Ecopoxy FlowCast

great product!

Handle template

Have used it 3 or 4 times already and it works great 👍🏼

Clear Rubber Feet (4 Pack)
Mickey Johnson (Greeneville, US)
Great Purchase

Just what I needed for my cutting boards!

DIY Sappy Walnut Charcuterie Boards
Alastair Sims (Toronto, CA)
Awesome wood

Looks great and was nice and clean when I got them.

Round Charcuterie Board Handle Template

This template is terrific! Boards look great!