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Awesome company to deal with

Reusable HDPE Epoxy Forms

Live edge river wall art

Great piece of wood. Nicely sanded. Needed very little prep work

12X24 Reusable HDPE Form

These forms are super easy and work great. Would love to get some different sizes. Great product!

Liquid Fire- Black Diamond Metallic

I think this pigment is awesome to work with. The two tone is really neat to look at. I think this is a must have for your pigment arsenal.

Great Product

The pigment variety pack is perfect for starting out. A little really does go a long way. I will certainly order products from you again.

Wypall X60 Shop Towels (pack of 76)

Game Changer

Fantastic thing to have if you plan on doing lots of epoxy pours. Easy to take apart and clean with rubbing alcohol and back at it. Take the time to seal the seams and you'll never have a leak.

Great Reusable Form

I really like the 24" x 48" reusable HDPE forms. Although I have not done a full 24"x 48" pour yet, I have partitioned the mold and used it for smaller pours. It's nice that I can pour two or three objects within the one mold.

Sanding Block

DIY Walnut Charcuterie Boards

Beautiful work, great service!

Thank you for making this sign for us. It came out beautifully.

Quality Mold

This mold is as good as advertised. I have used it for 5 different pours so far and it has worked perfectly every time. Sure beats building a mold and worrying about leaks! Thanks guys!

1st attempt and it worked out well

Made 3 walnut boards as Christmas gifts. The walnut was excellent quality, and I was very happy with the results I achieved as a 1st timer making them. Used the walrus oil and wax to complete them. They all looked great when finished!

Really good pigment


Great Piece of wood basically ready to get turned into art.

Always right on time!

I order these often, and I am always pleased with the quality of the wood. I have yet to be disappointed with anything I have purchased from Jeff Mack! Hello, all the way from Baltimore!!

appears well made and sturdy. Getting ready to do my 1st pour with it.

Reusable HDPE forms save the day!

Great product. Saving me tons of time and effort building and tearing down molds.

Great boards

I have purchased boards twice from Jeff Mack Supply this past year for my DIY charcuterie boards. Everything from service to quality has been great.

Burple - Black Diamond Metallic Pigment


I love it you guys have amazing quality stuff

Great piece of wood

Just what I ordered a nice piece of live edge black walnut.

Great variety

I wanted to try some colors out and this pack came with some great options. Love battleship grey and golden indigo

Metallic Avocado Green Pigment.

It's a very attractive color with dark or red tone wood. It pulls your eyes to it.