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Great product

I've only just started using templates for craft type routing. This template was a good starting point for me and will no doubt purchase more over time.

Great colors

These are great colors for a wide variety of woods. The blues and green have been my favorite colors to use with walnut and red elm.

I liked the mix of pigments, I think it’s a great way to know if you like a color without having to buy a large quantity until you us it.

Mixed Wood Starter Box
Gloria M (Amarillo, US)
Perfect box

This box has so many possibilities, I see so many projects in my future.

Exactly as described

I ordered a couple of templates and they are exactly as described. They are easy to use and have made a great addition in the shop.

NO SEAL Resin Molds (Epoxy/Resin Forms)
lisyshell1965 (Washington, US)
Love it

I am working on a river table now. My first one. I love the way the form is made. Great material, very smooth. I will post pics when I'm done

Good Quality

Item exactly as described and fast shipping

Perfekt für service Bretter

Ambrosia Maple Turning Blanks
John Colbourne (Corner Brook, CA)

Great service, will buy again

Deer Template (Clear Acrylic)
Graham Cartmell (London, GB)
Excellent template

Like all the templates, the deer one is solid and produces excellent and repeatable inlays

One Piece Resin Molds (Black Edition)
Evan Gerbino (Hoboken, US)
Makes resin easy!

The empire molds make resin work way easier and way less worry! Love them!

Violet Blue (C/S) - Beaver Dust Pigments
Stetson Mumma (Altura, US)
Great color

Love this pigment. Looks great with maple or walnut. Love it.

Template Tape
Brandon Lee (Wylie, US)
Good stuff

This is good stuff! Now I'm going to need one that is wider for larger projects but this is excellent double sided tape.

Celtic Knot Template (Clear Acrylic)
Teresa McFarland (Champion, CA)
Great customer service!

I put in a couple of orders on the same day. The person filling the order noticed that I would be getting a second of one of the items. They notified me right away asking if that was what I really wanted. It wasn’t, I’d made the mistake, but they caught it right away and refunded payment immediately as well!

Ribbon Template (Clear Acrylic)
Adam (Olyphant, US)

Great product, fast shipping.

Guitar Serving Board Template (Clear Acrylic)
Daniel Falvo (East Haddam, US)
Love this

Great template and it reduces time for me

Resealable Epoxy/Resin Forms
Christy Smith
Great mold

What I like most about this mold is the ability to make multiple charcuterie boards at once AND the ability to choose different sizes, including using the entire mold to make a nice little table. I also love the dividers and brace pieces that are included (and the ability to purchase additional ones). Also want to add that I had some questions and Jeff Mack replied quickly and helped me with answers. The downside...I have trouble with the self leveling feet on mine. And, now that there are molds I don't have to seal - I prefer those. But this one is still my go-to for tables or multiple projects at once!

My favorite mold

I have several molds, including a resealable one from Jeff Mack Supply, but this one is my favorite! I'm still trying to figure out the easiest way to remove my finished boards from the mold, but it's so nice not to have to seal the mold every use!

Another fun tempate

As always, this is another high quality product that adds a dash of fun to the charcuterie boards I make. LOVE these products. I'm addicted!

Such fun!

I ordered this template because it just seemed fun! The template is sturdy, affordable, and easy to use - even for this novice who is just learning to use her router! I bought some real tuning pegs and added them to the finished product (made with Spalted Maple, resin, and Eye Candy pigments)

Great template! Love all their products!

This is a cool template. I purchased the rectangle one also. I've also purchased the snowflake and some molds. Love them all! They are sturdy and, as a novice, pretty easy to use. I also love how Jack Mack Supply includes information about how to use the template and what router bits, tape, etc. they use with each template. Highly recommend! Included a couple of pics. First attempt so please be nice 😁

Absolutely love it, fan favorite of my customers

Of all the templates I’ve purchased from JMD, the whale handle is one of the, if not the most, popular boards I make. It pairs well with walnut and with the right grain while angling the template on the piece slightly, can mimic the shape of a whale while looking like the board has eyes.

36" DIY River Sets
Elizabeth Blameuser (Saint Augustine, US)
Great selection of wood!

I’ve purchased so many pieces of wood from Jeff and I love each piece. He has such a great selection of exotic woods to choose from as well as the good old maple, walnut etc. strongly recommend this shop and this seller!

Sitting Dog Template (Clear Acrylic)
Graham Cartmell (London, GB)
Excellent template

Great templates

DIY Black Limba Dimensional Boards
Elysa Lipkin (Kearny, US)
Black Limba

Loved how unique the wood is