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Resin Molds (NO SEAL Epoxy/Resin Forms)
Kevin Meredig (Surrey, CA)

Resin Molds (NO SEAL Epoxy/Resin Forms)

Squid Cast 2.0 (2" Pours)
Vadim Bedarev (Toronto, CA)
For smaller project would use faster setting epoxy even for 2"

Used this epoxy first, but as instructions state it cures a long time (few days). Only had to fill 1/2 inch wide crack, but it was over 2" deep. Also, did not use red tape, so first pour(s) leaked out (tried aluminum, duck, green masking tapes). So, with this epoxy RED masking tape is a must or a use of a well prepared form. I then tried Squid Clear Fast. I mixed it for longer and let it to start thickening (15-20min). I poured only 1/2 first, used red tape on the bottom and also clamped for some extra pressure on tape. It worked really well. Next pour finished the job. Still working on sanding and coating, but that table is going to look awesome! Thank you!

Epoxy/Resin Mold Accessories
Guerino Bruno (Chicago, US)

Always happy with what I purchase from them, but excited to jump into some of the Epoxy/Resin work in the shop.

Beautiful colour

Deep rich colour

Resin Molds (NO SEAL Epoxy/Resin Forms)
Michael Eder (Vienna, AT)

Perfect product

Blonde Limba Dimensional Boards
Steven Frieling (Chicago, US)
Blond Limba

My wife picked this out for a charcuterie board and it is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful grain and character in the wood we received

Walnut Charcuterie Starter Box
Jason Hester (Hillsborough, US)
Fantastic buy!

I received several very nice pieces of walnut, different dimensions, but all good quality.

Resin Molds (NO SEAL Epoxy/Resin Forms)
Benjamin Tucker (Louisville, US)
No seal equals no problems

Received my no seal mold and immediately put it to use. My first pour in it was a success. No stick, no mess, perfect results. Highly recommend!!

Rubio Monocoat Pure 2C Oil
Mike (Brampton, CA)
Excellent finish

I was little skeptical at first when I purchased the product. Applied it to my black walnut coffee table and was extremely impressed with how it popped the grain. Only wish there was a little more shine to the finish, almost a dull sheen to it.

Sia 6" by 9" Non-Woven Pad
William Callahan (Little Bay East, CA)

I use them on most of my finishes and they are excellent.

Support Your Local WoodShop Mug
Wyatt Millard (Vanderhoof, CA)

Support Your Local WoodShop Mug

Contour Sanding Block
Yelena Kakar (Milton, CA)

Very good sanding pads

Kevin doherty (Eatontown, US)
Elm Rounds

I purchased 2 of the Elm Rounds and was excited to get these to start my project. I was a little disappointed in how rough they are and had to use 80 grit to get a smooth surface and started to work up to 320 grit. But overall, very nice piece of wood!

Fantastic alternative for river tables

These are amazing! Finally a well built form for epoxy resin and wood

Resin Molds (NO SEAL Epoxy/Resin Forms)
Megan Grant (Winnipeg, CA)
Best investment ever!

This form saved me an enormous amount of time and energy. The epoxy drips peel off easily. No sealing, no mess, just place, fill and go. I love this product!

Furniture Butter
Nhan Dinh (Mississauga, CA)
Love it so far

I have only used it once for my trivets and I love how easy it is to use.

Wypall X60 Shop Towels (pack of 76)
Daniel Polimeneas (Barrie, CA)

Wypall X60 Shop Towels (pack of 76)

Rubio Monocoat Pure 2C Oil
Romain Lacourse #romzyepoxy (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, CA)
Rubio monocoat

This product is amazing, easy to use and great finish! Also shipped super fast from Jeff mack website!
Check it out at #romzyepoxy

Crib board template

Great product, thank you Jeff Mack. For those do it yourselfers this is perfect. No need for an expensive CNC machine


Every piece is Unique and perfectly milled

Roasted Curly Maple Dimensional Boards
John Bennett (Toronto, CA)

Roasted Curly Maple Dimensional Boards

Epoxy/Resin Mold Accessories
Tripp Martinelli (Medford, US)
Love my Jeff Mack epoxy/resin molds!!

I honestly think everything I get from Jeff Mack Supply is great! Never an issue or complaint. And it’s the same in this case. I’ve been a big fan of all the work they do for a while now and I’m super happy to be able to show support. And to work with good products and materials. So thanks everyone at Jeff Mack!!!

Mixed Charcuterie Starter Box
Michael Quayle (Lake Stevens, US)
Love it

I have ordered several items from them and have been pleased with the wood received and the timeliness that it arrives. I will continue to go back to them with my needs

Caviar Ecopoxy Metallic Pigment
Gavjn Karley (Kitchener, CA)

Caviar Ecopoxy Metallic Pigment

705 Universal Max Adhesive
Gaby Jensen (Kitchener, CA)

It’s works great 👍