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Ocean Ecopoxy Metallic Pigment

Cool colour

This colour creates amazing depth, don't be afraid to experiment with this one super cool results will follow :)

Great product and delivery

Love this product and was delivered by Loomis Express on time and in perfect condition. Only thing that is a negative is pricing on this brand other are much cheaper but I do like being eco friendly as well.

I'm not finished with the project so I'm not ready to give feedback. I will tell you getting a daily email asking for my review and then being forced to go to the site to fill it out because you can't in the email is not sweetening my opinion thus far.

Thank you for the feedback. I will look in to the follow up emails to see if we need to modify the number of emails that go out. Reviews go a long way for our online store and we are always looking to improve the customers experience so thank you for bringing this up. We hope to see you again soon. Cheers, Jeff
Free shipping?

I've only had a chance to use 4 of the samples from the variety pack, and the product itself mixes well, doesn't interfere with the epoxy setting, and generally the finished products looked as I thought they would. You do have a video on youtube showcasing the different pigments being poured, but the production makes it hard to see how the finished product will look. It would be helpful to cast clean blocks of each pigment in perhaps clear plastic, on a white/lit background so the light comes through the finished/set epoxy. My biggest bone of contention was the 'free shipping' tag shown on the variety pack i wished to purchase. Lo and behold, when I went through the check-out to purchase the product the 'free shipping' was only if I physically went to your store in Mississauga (I think it's located). That's a cheap bait-and-switch, frankly. The cheapest shipping I could choose was $17 bucks, I think--half again the price of the variety pack. The variety pack could be put in an envelope and sent through regular mail for a few bucks.

First and foremost, thank you for your purchase. Secondly, the free shipping that we offer is on Canadian and US orders over $300. It states that right on the website so I do apologize if you missed it. Hopefully we will see you again in the future. I'm glad you enjoyed the product. Take care, Jeff
Great colours!

Exactly what I wanted!

12 L Kit- Ecopoxy Liquid Plastic

Pure Mineral Oil- 32oz Jug

Rubio is my favorite finish

Another quick delivery

I ordered a colour of Rubio Monocoat that wasn’t on the website and it showed up super quick. Thanks!

Banana Ecopoxy Metallic Pigment


Love the colour turned out great


Containers leak all over the box not sure which one they were both covered

Easy to use and fast shipping!

I LOVE this product. So easy to use and results are incredible each and every time. Make sure to spend the full 5 mins mixing (use a drill mixer, your arms will thank you) and you won’t go wrong. Shipping was also very fast which makes a procrastinator like me very happy!

Emerald Ecopoxy Metallic Pigment

Great Products, Very happy.

Great products, as described. Shipping was a bit steep, but the customer service was fantastic.

Pure Pearl White- Black Diamond Metallic Pigment


Excellent product, easy to mix and has a long working time.

Cabana Live Edge Bar Top

First time using epoxy, was easy to float it back and forth, thought it was going to be a disaster to do but was amazing,my outdoor bar looks amazing now. Jeff helped me out with a few questions along the way, looks like glass

Love this company; 10 stars.

I live in the US, and couldn't find a supplier in the states that was in stock on a mica powder pigment I was looking for. Being familiar with Jeff Mack Supply thanks to instagram, I took a look at their site and was happy to see that they were. However, the image for the color that I wanted was different than the text that was listed on the product page. So when I called to confirm that I'd be ordering the right color, and notified the team of the hiccup, (that the image on the product page was not accurate), they confirmed that I'd be fine, took note of the error, and updated the photo on the site 10 minutes later!

My items were quickly shipped, arrived neatly packed, and I look forward to ordering more from them in time.

Thanks, team!

(Highlighted in the photo are the 2 that I ordered).