Letter Templates (Clear Acrylic)


These laser cut acrylic Letter Templates are perfect for customizing charcuterie boards and other creative projects.

How Big Are They?
These templates are 1/4" Thick which is perfect for using as a router glide or tracing.
Large Size:
Each Letter is approximately 5" tall.
The "&" is approximately 3.125" tall. 
The Template is 7.875" wide by 7.875" tall.

Small Size:
Each Letter is approximately 2.5" tall.
The "&" is approximately 1.5." tall. 
The Template is 3.875" wide by 3.875" tall.

What's Included?
You get both the Template and the letter cutout.

They are reusable and are great for smaller shops!

A clear template allows for the perfect placement so you can include specific details in your board.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Roger Bayne (Mount Juliet, US)
Exactly what I needed

I was commissioned to build a cutting board with an Inlay D squared. This fit the bill perfectly

Taggard Hecker (Portland, US)
Letter Templates

The templates are outstanding made with very good quality. Only drawback which is no fault of Jeff Mac supply is specific bits for use with them aren’t as easy to obtain and don’t hold up as well to other types of bits.

Chris McGrath (Elgin, US)
These are awesome

Used this 5" letter to make a recessed "B" in my daughter's desk and filled with epoxy. She loved it and it was really easy. These are done with amazing precision!