How To Calculate Epoxy

Jeff Mack
Founder of Jeff Mack Designs.

The calculation for determining the amount of epoxy you need is a simple volume calculation. You simply multiple the length of the pour by the depth of the pour by the average width of the pour and then convert to litres. When calculating the average width of the pour, we measure the width every 6 inches along the entire work piece and then divide by the total number of width measurements you took to determine our average. 

Formula: Length (L) X Depth (D) by Average Width (AVG W)



Length: 48"

Depth: 1.5"

Average Width: 6"

48” x 1.5” x 6” = 432 cubic inches.

You can now convert your cubic inches in to litres. This can be completed 2 ways:

1) Convert using google: Type “432 cubic inches to litres” in to the search bar.    432 cubic inches = 7.08 Litres 

2) you can divide your cubic inch total by 61. 

432/61 = 7.08 Litres.





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Summer Van Berkel - August 8, 2019

Your calculation for the river table with your liquid plastic casting epoxy pour is great, thank you so much!! I was just wondering How do you calculate for a resin coating with the uvpoxy product? Is it so many ounces per square feet or something different?

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