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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

Pros and Cons of HDPE Molds

What we Discuss:

- Why forms save you Time + Money
- Key Facts on forms
- How to Build your own form
- One piece vs No Seal
- Silicone Forms
- The best Cost Effective Option on the market
- What tools and Accessories you will need with your form

Why forms will save you Time + Money

On the market there has yet to be a 'perfect form' that will suit 100% of your needs.

Each design has it's Pro's + Con's and it's a matter of choosing one that will best suit your needs based of the tools you own. This being said, there is no question that purchasing a form will save you time and money vs building your own form before each project you make!

Key Facts

There are so many different resins on the market. You may be tempted to get a cheaper brand however, this could cost you in the end. Using less reputable brands increase your chance of having your project stick to the inside of your form (Even with the use of Mold Release). We recommend Super Clear or Ecopoxy brands as well, using a mold release inside your form before each project to ensure no issues. 

Building your own form

- Custom build to your project size with no waste around the edges

- Has a limited lifetime for multi use as the Tuck Tape wears out over time
- Spend a lot of time assembling the form
- Risk of Resin leaking from the seems if not properly sealed with silicone

To watch a full tutorial on how to make your own form Click Here

One Piece vs. No Seal

One Piece Molds: 

- Malleable to get your piece out easily
- Can be used multiple times
- Comes with hold down bars so your wood won't float  when pouring resin
- Customers have reported an average of 30+ uses out of one form

- Larger forms may not sit perfectly flat on there own.
Solution: Use larger clamps to bring the form flat by clamping them to your work surface

You can purchase this form Here or Here

No Seal Forms

- Sits flat on your table
- Can be used multiple times

- Welded walls can crack over time
Solution: Use silicone or tuck tape to repair the damaged area

Customers have reported 10+ uses out of these forms

You can purchase this form Here

Both of these forms have angled edges which will cause waste. Read more about tips and tricks on these forms HERE

Use this Mold Release on both of these forms to prolong the life span of them.

Silicone Forms

Silicone forms area a great option for DIY Resin projects. There are lots of different kinds on the market, so make sure you get one that has thick walls which will guarantee multi-use out of one mold. When the silicone has thin walls, you will run the risk of the material breaking down when taking your project out of the form.

We highly recommend not to use any Mold Release on these forms
Customers have reported 5+ uses out of these forms.

You can purchase this style of form Here

Cost Effective Black molds

These thin walled one piece forms are perfect for different table tops, serving boards and art projects. Because of the thinner material used they will be malleable and it is good practice to have some clamps on hand to make sure the form sits flat on your work table. 
Customers have reported 20+ uses out of these forms

You can purchase this style of form Here

What Tools and Accessories do I need with my form?

Weather you are making your mold from scratch or purchasing one online, you want to think ahead to properly prepare for your project. These Clamping blocks and dividers are of great use for making a larger form custom fit to a smaller project.
 Having additional Clamps to make your form flat is also useful to keep close.