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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!
Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

Need Resin but not sure what brand to buy? We've got you covered!

Important things to Consider:

Resin 101

First you want to decide on what kind of project you are completing with your epoxy.
Some questions to ask yourself:

- What thickness am I pouring at?
- What will my total volume be? 
- Will my pour be clear or am I adding pigment?
- What tools and accessories do I need?

How to decide what Brand of  Resin you should Purchase

There are many different epoxies on the market and it can be tough to decide how do choose which is right for your budget and project.

We have tested out a lot of different brands and stand behind the products that we sell on our website. These products are used in our shop every day. They are all high quality resins: 
- Ecopoxy
- West System
- Super Clear

Our customers love having the option between these brands as they all have their own benefits. 

Super Clear :
- Budget friendly resin 
- Specific products for different thickness applications

Ecopoxy : 
- One product for all your casting needs 
- One product for all your thin coat needs

West Systems:
- Great for filling smalls cracks and voids in wood
- Fast curing 

Who to Purchase with

There are lots of different stores that sell Resin such as Amazon. You may be tempted to purchase through them for the convenience factor, but consider what kind of customer service you will be getting - If you have a question about their product how do you get an answer? Has the Amazon employee used the product before?

When you purchase through us you are guaranteed customer support through email. We have all our social media outlets to learn from as well:
Facebook / Instagram / YoutubeWebsite 
Browse through any of these options where we try to spread out our knowledge to help you navigate your projects. We have 1,000's of hours of experience so if you call our office, any Employee that answers will be able to help you out.

Project Completed by @flourish_blossom_designs

What thickness am I pouring and what will my total volume be? 

These two questions are very important for choosing the right epoxy. There are different resins specifically manufactured for different applications. You will want to make sure you carefully read the instructions that came with your resin to see what limitations it may have. 
When pouring resins at a thicker level, you also want to consider what you are casting and if the items will be able to withstand the heat that occurs during the exothermic chemical reaction when the Resin and Hardener are combined.

Made with with Ecopoxy Flow Cast

Clear vs Pigment Pours

It is important to use a higher quality resin when completing clear pours. Resin overtime will develop a yellow tint as the polymer molecules break down.  
Some benefits are that higher quality resins have is a higher UV stabilization that will slow this process from occurring. 

If you decide to add pigment to your pour we recommend Beaver Dust Pigments

What Tools and Accessories do I need?

Weather you are making your mold from scratch or purchasing one online, you want to think ahead to properly prepare for your project. There are many pro's and cons for both options. For more information Click Here 

Remember, purchasing a form will save you time and money as well, allow you to have a faster turn around time when completing projects. We recommend Empire Molds for all your DIY Resin needs.