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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!
Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

Charcuterie Board Stock

Charcuterie boards are one of the best DIY ways to get into woodworking, epoxy pours or testing out new finishes.

All of our charcuterie board stock has been kiln dried and flattened. These slabs are very DIY friendly and require minimal sanding before applying a finish of your choice.

It’s recommended to remove the bark before you sand and finish your board. The bark will naturally want to fall off and the bark is difficult to clean after each use.

Image 1: Raw Charcuterie Stock from Jeff Mack Supply
Image 2: Cleaver Board by @Morgan.Shaver.Design
Image 3: Maple Leaf Board by @CameronDasilvaDesigns

You can purchase Charcuterie Board Stock in store at our Mississauga location or via our online store.

Learn More about our Charcuterie Board Stock

Our charcuterie board stock is perfect for anyone who is just starting out considering they have all been kiln dried, flattened and sanded to 80 Grit. We recommend filling any knots, voids or engravings with Ecopoxy Liquid Plastic (used for pours over 1/4" deep) or Ecopoxy UVpoxy (used for pours under a 1/4" deep) to allow for maximum use and ease of cleaning.

Standard Charcuterie Board Sizes:

Length: 15" - 24".
There is no limit on the size of the board. We have seen boards as long as 10 feet for chefs and catering companies.

Width: 6" - 12"
Once again, these are just guidelines and the size is ultimately up to you or your client.

Thickness: 3/4" - 1.25"

Things to Consider Before Building: 

Does your piece have epoxy (river/ casted/ voids filled)
Are you incorporating inlays such as bowties?
Is your piece going to have a handle?
Will you be engraving something in it?
Live edge vs square edge?
What species of wood are you using (Walnut/ Ash/ Oak)?
Finishing? We recommend Walrus cutting board oil.

How to Finish:
Step 1) Sand your board up to 180 grit or 220 grit.
Step 2) Break all edges with the sand paper to eliminate potential slivers or sharp edges.
Step 3) Apply Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil and let the oil soak in for 24 hours.
Step 4) Wipe off any excess oil after 24 hours.

Charcuterie Board Ideas

Tear Drop Walnut Charcuterie Finished with Walrus Oil
By: @TheGrandColours

Granadillo Charcuterie Board with a Handle
By: @TheGrandColours

Maple Burl Charcuterie Board with Lichtenberg Figures.
By: @CameronDasilvaDesigns

Cleaver Charcuterie Board with Red Maple Leaf Inlay
By: @Morgan.Shaver.Design

Olive Wood Charcuterie Board with Mark Prata Artwork
By: @ColsonsConcepts

Walnut Charcuterie Board with Epoxy Bear
By: @ColsonsConcepts

Walnut Cleaver Board 

Board Material: Live Edge Walnut
Handle Material: Spalted Maple
Epoxy Colour: Ecopoxy Coral
Size: 36" long

Morgan Shaver (IG handle @Morgan.Shaver.Design) has a very unique style when it comes to crafting charcuterie boards.

I'm not sure if he was the first to do this Butcher Cleaver style board but he sure has mastered it. The boards are functional, beautiful and ultimately, a work of art.

He's a must follow on instagram for his creative, inspiring work. 

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