What Oil you should use for Each of your Projects:

Cutting Board Oil / Wax:

We suggest to use this product on all all your charcuterie boards / Butcher Blocks / Cutting Boards and even wood Utensils!  

Furniture Finish / Butter / Wax:

This product works well on hardwoods and it great for any furniture product application.

Cutting Board oil

Key Features
- 100% Food Safe
- Matte to Semi Gloss Finish
- Not Scented

Sand to 210 - 600g
Apply a coat of Cutting Board Oil and allow it to dry for 12 - 24 hours. After this time has passed, wipe or buff away any excess oil sitting on the board. When applying, you want to make sure there are no 'dry' spots on the board and allow it to fully soak in the oil.

Wood Wax

Key Features
- 100% Food Safe
- Semi Gloss Finish
- A little bit goes a long way

Can be used on its own or after applying the Cutting Board Oil. 
Apply a thin layer
Let dry for 15 minutes
Buff with our Non-Woven Pad and wipe dry with Wypall Shop Towels afterwards. 
If you are using the wax after the oil application, follow the above steps detailed out in the cutting board section., After the 24 hours and the excess oil has been wiped off you can then apply the wax.

Furniture Finish

Key Features
- 100%. Plant Based / Food Grade Ingredients
- Matte Finish
- Best used on hardwoods
- No Dyes or accelerator to speed up the cure time. May take up to 4 weeks to be completely cured

Sand between 220 - 400g
The Lower the grit = The deeper the oil will soak in.
The Higher the grit = The smoother your surface will be.
Apply thin layers of oil until surface is covered. Let it soak and penetrate into the grain for 24 hours
Wipe away excess after 24 hours.
Repeat until number of coats and look is achieved
Allow 24 - 48 hours for surface to become dry to touch before moving

Furniture Wax

Key Features
- 100% Plant based / Food Grade Ingredients
- Matte to Satin Finish
- May take up to 4 weeks to be completely cured
- Keep the piece in a temperature controlled environment when curing (Humidity / high heat can prolong cure time)
- Can be used to polish old furniture and wood items

For best results, use the wax over Furniture Oil using the instructions above. The wax can be applied after 24 - 48 hours. 
Apply thin layer to the entire surface with Non-Woven Pad 
Let it set for 1 hour and buff away any excess residue
Repeat until desired look is achieved
Allow 24 to 48 hours for surface to dry

Furniture Butter

Key Features
- 100% Plant Based / Food Grade Ingredients
- Matte to Satin Finish
- Lightly Scented
- Best used on hardwoods 
- May take up to 4 weeks to be completely cured
- Water protection after fully cured 
- This product can be used after Furniture Finish application or before Furniture Wax

Stir before use
Sand between 220 - 400g
Apply a thin layer until entire surface is covered
Wipe excess away after 24 hours
Repeat as desired
Allow 24 to 48 hours for surface to become dry to touch

Care + Maintenance

Never wash your cutting board / piece finished with Walrus Oil in a dishwasher
After use, clean your surface with lukewarm or cold water
Only use soft soaps to disinfect after use
Anyways dry immediately after cleaning the surface
For best results, use by the expiration date on the back of the bottl
Store your Walrus Oil at room temperature or in a cool / dry placeMake sure the bottle stays tightly sealed when not in use

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