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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

Cribbage Board Project Kit (beginner project kit)

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So you want to try woodworking but you don't know where to start???

We've put together a beginner DIY Cribbage kit and it's super easy to use! 

What's Included:
- One Birdseye Maple board 
- One 5.25" by 15.25" by 1/8" thick Acrylic Template
- 12 Metal Pegs (3 Silver, 3 Gold, 3 Black and 3 Rose Gold)
- One 1/8" Drill bit.
- 8 oz Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil
- 1 Roll of Template Tape
- 1 Sanding Block (Super Fine 320 - 500g)

Tools Needed:
- Drill
- Orbital Sander (optional). We included a sanding block for light sanding.

1) Use the template tape to attach the acrylic cribbage template to the piece of wood.
2) Using the 1/8" drill bit, drill out all the holes in the template. We recommend putting a piece of tape on the drill bit to act as a visual stop so you don't drill all the way through the board.
3) Remove the template from the board and lightly sand the wood until it is smooth to the touch.
4) Apply the Walrus Oil Cutting Board oil to the board and wipe off any excess oil.
5) Let the board dry over night and you are ready to play the next day.

This laser cut acrylic Cribbage Board Template is reusable so you can build more cribbage boards by simply buying another piece of wood.

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