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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

Dining Table Slabs

Single Piece Walnut Slab with Black Epoxy

2 Piece Walnut Dining Table

Dimensional Walnut Dining Table

Selecting wood/slabs for a dining table is one of the most exciting steps when creating a dining table.

A lot of factors go in to selecting the perfect piece for your future dining table. You are going to want to start by figuring out what species of wood aligns with the look you are going for and the budget you have for the material.

Often times, a single piece dining table top will be much more expensive than a table top made from 2-3 slabs glued together. Another benefit to a 2-3 piece top, is that it is less likely to warp from seasonal changes.

We keep hundreds of slabs in stock at our Mississauga Location so clients can pick the perfect material for their dining table.

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Tips When Buying Wood:

How is the wood dried, has it been kiln dried or air dried? You want to know this to know what the moisture content is within your wood so its at the right content for building projects. If your wood is not dried properly it can warp and twist on you.

Has your wood been flattened? Flatten wood allows for a smooth even slab, this makes the wood easier to manage for you.

Rough Lumber is based on cost per bd. Ft. Certain species are more expensive than others, and thicker boards cost more per bd.ft.
Calculating cost per bd ft. is Width(in inches) x Length (feet) x Thickness (in inches) divided by 12 = board feet

Buy longer then you need, don't expect to get a 6ft table out of a 6ft rough slab.

You should calculate for wastage as no board is perfect.

How thick is the piece, once it has been flattened and sanded and is a finished project what thickness are you trying to achieve? The thicker you buy the more flexibility you’ll have getting your finished piece to where you need it.

Note: all our live edge slabs have been kiln dried and flattened.

Standard Dining Table Sizes:

4 people- 48 x 42”
6 people- 60”-72” x 42”
8 people- 84” x 42”- 48”
10 people- 108” x 42”-48”

Standard Dining Table Width is typically between
42” - 48”. 
Standard Dining Table Length is typically from 6ft and up.
Height is typically 30” Unless building bar height 42”.

Things To Consider Before Building A Dining Table: 

Does you want your dining table to have epoxy?
Epoxy can be a nice way of making your piece more practical. Epoxy can also give you some more options in terms of creativity. Learn more and purchase epoxy HERE.

What style of legs do you want for you table?
Metal/steel legs are the most common legs that we use. They are typically the most cost effective and provide a clean look.

Wooden legs also work great but tend to be a little more expensive than steel legs.

Waterfall Legs look great and are very aesthetically pleasing but will eliminate the potential for seating on the waterfall end.

Are you incorporating inlays such as bowties?
Bowties are included to stabilize a split or a crack in the slab from splitting further. They can also be added solely for decorative purposes.

Live edge vs square edge? 
Square Edge will typically give you a more modern/clean look where live edge will appear more rustic.

What species of wood are you using?
The species of wood is often determined by the customer and whether or not they want a light or dark table.
Lighter species of wood include: Oak, Ash, Maple and Elm.
Darker Species include: Walnut, Mahogany and Wenge.

How do you plan on finishing your table?
We recommend using Rubio Monocoat Pure 2C Oil.
You can learn more and purchase Rubio Monocoat HERE.

Dining Table Ideas:

Live Edge Walnut with Walnut and Brass Base

Live Edge Elm with Glass Inlays

Walnut Slab Cast in Smokey Grey Epoxy

Square Edge Walnut with Black "U" Shape Legs

Live Edge Walnut with Matching Bench

Live Edge Walnut with Black Wishbone Legs

Walnut River Dining Table

Material: Walnut
Size: 44" wide by 108" long
Finish: Rubio Monocoat Pure 2C Oil
Epoxy Colour: Ecopoxy Caviar

What we Used

We custom built this walnut table for a client in Oakville. Our client wanted a clean look while including an epoxy river. The epoxy river was created using Ecopoxy Liquid Plastic with Ecopoxy Caviar Metallic Pigment. We used Rubio Monocoat Pure 2C Oil to finish this table. The black "U" shape legs tie in with the black epoxy river complete the clean look of this dining table.