Letter Router Templates (Clear Acrylic)

$14.00 USD

These laser cut acrylic Letter Templates are perfect for customizing charcuterie boards and other creative woodworking projects.

We recommend using this Template Tape to attach our clear templates to wood.
We use this Router Bit for pocketing

How Big Are They?
These templates are 1/4" Thick which is perfect for using as a router glide or tracing.
Large Size:
Each Letter is approximately 5" tall.
The "&" is approximately 3.125" tall. 
The Template is 7.875" wide by 7.875" tall.

Mini Size:
Each Letter is approximately 2.5" tall.
The "&" is approximately 1.5." tall. 
The Template is 3.875" wide by 3.875" tall.

What's Included?
You get both the Template and the letter cutout.

Template Sku:
A Mini: 11-027
A Large: 11-001
B Mini: 11-028
B Large: 11-002
C Mini: 11-029
C Large: 11-003
D Mini: 11-030
D Large: 11-004
E Mini: 11-031
E Large: 11-005
F Mini: 11-032
F Large: 11-006
G Mini: 11-033
G Large: 11-007
H Mini: 11-034
H Large: 11-008
I Mini: 11-035
I Large: 11-009
J Mini: 11-036
J Large: 11-010
K Mini: 11-037
K Large: 11-011
L Mini: 11-038
L Large: 11-012
M Mini: 11-039
M Large: 11-013
N Mini: 11-040
N Large: 11-014
O Mini: 11-041
O Large: 11-015
P Mini: 11-042
P Large: 11-016
Q Mini: 11-043
Q Large: 11-017
R Mini: 11-044
R Large: 11-018
S Mini: 11-045
S Large: 11-019
T Mini: 11-046
T Large: 11-020
U Mini: 11-047
U Large: 11-021
V Mini: 11-048
V Large: 11-022
W Mini: 11-049
W Large: 11-023
X Mini: 11-050
X Large: 11-024
Y Mini: 11-051
Y Large: 11-025
Z Mini: 11-052
Z Large:  11-026
& Mini: 12-016
& Large: 12-001

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Matthew Haas (Huntington Station, US)
Great quality, excellent customer service!

I ordered two letter router templates so far! They are thick and nicely made!

Cleatius Copeland (Roanoke, US)
Letter templates

I have bought several of the letter templates and used them to customize weddings gifts. The templates are easy to use and are very durable. They are very easy to use and add a lot of personalization to the custom boards from my shop.
I will be adding to my letter collections as new couples get married. Really appreciative of the kindness of the staff at Jeff Mack Supply when I call the office.

Michael Preston (Port Saint Lucie, US)

Great quality and service

Brian Sliepenbeek (Sainte-Justine-de-Newton, CA)

Awsome designs and quick service!!
Would by again!

Visa Cardholder (Philadelphia, US)
Quality product

Worked perfectly on my project.