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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

No Seal vs One Piece Molds

Key Facts

Both of these forms are a great way to start your DIY projects if you are an expert at resin projects or just starting out. Neither of these forms are perfect, however they will both save you hours of time and money instead of building a form from scratch for each project you make. 


Form Features:
> No Seams = No Leaks
> Walls on an angle to allow for easy release once resin is cured
> Built in flange system allows for hold down strips to keep wood from floating up in resin

This form was designed to be malleable in order to get your project out easily. As a result, the form may have a slight twist requiring extra clamps to be used (Purchase wood Clamps Here). 

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Form Features:
> Welded edges allow for form to sit flat
> Will require clamps to hold down your wood when pouring resin

Even though these forms are called 'no seal' the edges have in-fact been welded together. Therefore if hit too aggressively or repeatedly overtime, you run the risk of breaking apart these seams. If this happens, an easy fix is to apply silicone to the damaged area to reduce the chance of it leaking. 


Both of these forms have sides that are tapered 7 degrees to allow for easy release of your project. To avoid resin seeping into this area and causing epoxy waste, you can fill the area with scrap wood so that it reduces the amount of resin that will be wasted on the outside of your project. Once your project is out of the form, simply trim the edges so the excess wood you added is gone. 

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If you need to complete a project with specific dimensions you can easily modify a larger mold by adding form dividers and sealing them with silicone. This allows you to customize the size of any project with ease. 


It is a good idea to use Mold Release in your form before pouring each project. This will help the wear and tear of constantly pouring Resin and removing it out of your form repeatedly. You can purchase Mold Release HERE.

Key Takeaways:
- Have extra clamps on hand to keep your project flat while in form
- Using mold release will help the lifespan of your form
- Forms = Time / Money Saved