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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

Top 5 Things you NEED in your shop If you work with Resin

What we Discuss

If you're passionate about DIY resin and wood projects, equipping your shop with the right tools and supplies is essential.

Here are our top five recommendations and why you need to have them:

Browse different Coaster molds HERE

1. Silicone Coasters

If you like to use resin in your projects then a coaster form is a MUST! 

Having extra resin when you pour is important. When you calculate how much you need for your pour (to calculate click here) the wood will soak up some epoxy into the grain securing the bond between wood and resin. We recommend to mix an extra 10 - 15% to compensate for this. In some cases you might have extra resin once you have finished pouring it into your project and let it settle. If that is the case it is always great to have another side project on the go so you don't have any waste! A coaster form is a great option as it requires a small amount of resin to complete!

Browse different pigments packs HERE

2. Pigment Pack(s)

If you are working with Resin in your shop pigments are great way to turn your clear pour into something more exciting! 
The possibilities are endless when you have built up your collection of variety packs. Mixing colours together can make your project unique. Pigment Packs are also a great value and way to discover which colours are your favourite before buying a larger container.

Read more about pigments 'All you need to know' here

Browse template designs here

3. Templates

If you love making charcuterie boards having some templates is a great item to have in your shop! Bring your charcuterie game to the next level with a simple handle design or spice it up by choosing over 70 options for an inlay to personalize your board. 

Read our guide to adding a Template to your project here

Image sourced from Walrus Oil Website

4. Wood Wax 

Having a quick finishing option is great to enhance the wood grain and bring it to life. 
We love having Walrus Oil's  Cutting board Wax or Furniture Butter on hand for any project. Both are food safe and bring out natural wood colour waterproofing your project.

Read our guide on Walrus Oil Products here

These clamping blocks are in a rectangle shape so they can be used on different sides to accommodate different clamp sizes

5. Clamping Blocks

You can never have enough HDPE Clamping Blocks!

When using your DIY form, clamping blocks are a must to keep your wood piece from floating up in the resin. In order to keep your clamps clean we highly recommend  to use some of these blocks that don't stick to epoxy!