Resin + Epoxy
How To


Watch this video for an in-depth explanation of our Tips + Tricks for Beginner Epoxy and Resin Workers.

What we cover:
- How to Pick The Right Epoxy
- How to Calculate how much Epoxy you need for your pour
- How much Pigment you should add to achieve different looks and opacity in your pour
- When to swirl your resin to achieve the maximum effect
- How we Machine our pieces once the Epoxy is cured

How to Pick The Right Epoxy:

Consider the Following:

- What is suitable for your project needs
- Low Oder and good for indoor use
- What is the Mix Ratio / Work Time / Cure time / Set to touch time

    Calculate your Pour: 

    CLICK HERE for the formula 

    How Much Pigment to Use:

    There is no right or wrong amount!

    Follow these written guidelines to get the look you are trying to achieve or watch our Video for a detailed answer

      Cure Time + Shop Temp + When to Swirl

      There is lots to consider. 
      CLICK HERE for all the information

      Processing your Piece

      - Planner
      - CNC Machine
      - Router Sled
      - Belt / orbital sander