Router Bit Guide : All you need to know

What we Discuss

- Different bits and what they are best used for
- Common Mistakes
- Helpful Tips

 WARNING! 47222-S reduce feed by 30-50% to prevent tool breakage due to extremely small diameter (D).
Bits are not guaranteed due to extremely small diameter.

Different Bits and what they are best used for:

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Flush Trim Bits

45460-S Amana Tool Carbide Tipped Flush Trim Plunge Bit
This bit is best used for pocketing out large areas in our Inlay Templates. This pocketing bit has a larger diameter which clears material faster.

47222-S Amana Tool Miniature Flush Trim Plunge Bit
We use this bit for small detail areas in our inlay templates. An example would be the antlers, hooves and tail area of this deer template. This delicate bit should only be used for inside tight corners.

All of these trays were made with our 45475-S Router Bit

Flush Trim Bits Continued

45475-S Amana Tool Carbide Tipped Flush Trim Plunge Bit
This bit is a great option for any large areas you might be pocketing out. The double bearing allows for clean smooth cuts on any material and is good for getting into smaller areas. 

45475 Amana Tool Carbide Tipped Flush Trim Plunge Bit
This double bearing bit is great to get the ideal depth for our Tray + Dish Templates . This bowl bit will give you a flat bottom or can be used for flush trimming. 

Take Aways:
The 45460-S has a larger diameter cutting head and bearing which will help clear out material faster, but will not get into the corners as good as the 45475-S

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Other Bits

46297 Amana Tool Solid Carbide UltraTrim Spiral Trim Down-Cut
This trimming bit is best used for outside profiles on projects to make them flush. We use this bit for the final pass on this project.

45983 Amana Tool Carbide Tipped Bowl & Tray 1/8 Radius Bit
This 1/8" Radius Bit is a great option to use for pocketing the inside of a Tray / Dish Template leaving a nice inside detailed edge. The rounded edge will provide you with a smooth inner radius. 

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Other Bits Continued

MRR112 Amana Tool 1/4" Round Over Bit with 3/16" 
We use this bit when we want to add a round over to any project. It will provide you with a 1/4" Radius. See a video example on a project we used this on Here.

MR0112 Amana Tool 1/8" Round Over Bit with 3/16" Bearing
We use this bit when we want to add a round over to any project. It will provide you with a 1/8" Radius

Here you can see the carbide of the router bit snapped off from improper use.

Common Mistakes 

Setting your Router RPM (Revolutions per minute) to the highest can put excessive stress on your bit. This can result in a poor cutting performance. Routing an area at too fast of a speed can cause burn marks or tear out and will ultimately dull your bit faster. However, routing with the speed set too low can result in choppy, rough and rippled cuts. 

Trying to take too much material away at once can ruin a project. If you are uncertain take small amounts away at a time instead of plugging at full depth. Each wood / bit will vary in their limits.

NOTE: You will need to countersink the holes you plan on using when attaching the base plate to your router.

Helpful Tips

To give yourself more surface area when routering out larger area's we suggest to use this Router Base Plate. It is designed to give you a clear view of your work piece and provide stability when routing larger voids