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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

What's the best Resin Form?

What we Discuss

1. Explaining the forms unique Design features
2. Why Clamps are great to have on hand
3. Avoiding common issues
4. How to make this form last a lifetime
5. Key Takeaways

1. Unique Design Features

White Edition - The one piece resin molds come with hold down bars so your wood won't float in the form once you pour your resin
Black Edition - The thinner material makes the form more malleable so you can get out your project without hitting it with a mallet.  
Flange - Both of these forms have a flat rim around the outer walls to give the flexible form structure and stability. 

We use Bessy Clamps that can be purchased Here

2. Using Additional Clamps

These forms were designed to be malleable in order to get your project out of the form easily once the resin has cured. 

Having clamps and extra clamping blocks will help keep everything flat and save you time sanding if you don't have a planer

We recommend these casting brands that can be purchased here

3. Avoiding Common Issues

Buying a cheaper resin may save you money but can cost you in the end. A lot of cheaper brands are not manufactured for thicker or large quantity pours. Different resins have different temperature ranges that you should pour within to ensure the epoxy doesn't cure too fast or not cure at all.
REMEMBER - Resin is a chemical and you are essentially combining two liquids to make a solid. Read the instructions CAREFULLY on the side of your container before starting

4. How to make this form last a lifetime

- Use a release spray 
There are lots of different kinds on the market but we highly recommend Mold Release by Akfix (sold here) with these forms.

- We suggest storing these forms on a flat surface or hanging on the wall (Not leaning against a wall).

Wipe down and clean out your form with a paint scraper to remove any resin residue that was left in the form

Once your piece comes out of the form you can either send it through a planer or begin sanding (We recommend to start at 40g)

4. Key Takeaways

- Malleable forms make it easy for your project to come out once cured. Because of this design feature it is good to have clamps on hand to ensure your piece is flat to the work table
- Resin will most likely seep on the bottom of the piece which will require sanding or flattening once out of the form
- Since these forms are guaranteed against leaks and formed from one solid sheet of material it is good to have clamps on hand to ensure it sits flat- Do not pour cheap resins or go beyond the thickness they recommend as it could damage your form or stick to the walls and prevent your project from coming out easily.