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Save Today!! Use code "FREESHIPPING" at checkout on all orders over $115USD ($149CAD) to Canada + USA!

Universal Mounting Plates

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Item: Starter Kit

Transform your furniture projects with our Universal Mounting Plates! These expertly crafted plates provide a secure, reliable, and simple method for attaching wooden table legs to a wide range of furniture, making them an indispensable tool for both novice and experienced DIY enthusiasts.

Whether you're working on a dining table, coffee table, end table, or bench, these universal mounting plates ensure a streamlined installation process. They are also the ideal choice for attaching wooden Legs to wooden table tops, guaranteeing a stable and sturdy connection every time. Want to create your own wooden table legs? Shop our extensive line of table leg templates here. We currently have 7 different designs in Dining,Coffee and Bench size and we are adding new designs every month.

Universal Mounting Plate Specifications:

  • Size: Each of our Universal Mounting Plates measures 4" in width, 6" in length, and 3/16" in thickness. These dimensions are meticulously designed to provide a robust and reliable mounting surface, contributing to the longevity and stability of your furniture.
  • Center Holes: The plates are equipped with 15 strategically placed holes, each with a diameter of 3/8". These holes provide numerous mounting options to accommodate a variety of leg designs and configurations.
  • Perimeter Slots: We've incorporated 16 slots into the perimeter of each plate. These slots measure 5/16" in width and 5/8" in length, allowing for additional flexibility during the mounting process.
  • Finish: Our plates are finished with a Sandtex Black powder coating. This not only gives the plates a sleek, modern aesthetic but also enhances their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Product Offerings:

Our Universal Mounting Plates come in several convenient packages to cater to your specific project needs.

Starter Kit: Ideal for beginners or pro's undertaking a table project, the starter kit includes:
- four Sandtex Black Powder Coated Universal Mounting Plates
- one clear acrylic Mounting Plate Router Template
- 16 M6 Inserts
- 16 M6 25mm long Bolts.

Pair of Universal Mounting Plates: This package includes:
- two Sandtex Black Powder Coated Universal Mounting Plates

Mounting Plate Router Template: This standalone package includes one Mounting Plate Router Template, perfect for those who already have mounting plates and hardware but need a reliable guide for installation.

M5 Hardware Kit: This kit provides 16 SK M5 Inserts and 16 M5 25mm long Bolts, ideal for those needing additional or replacement hardware for their mounting plates.

M6 Hardware Kit: This kit includes 16 SK M6 Inserts and 16 M6 25mm long Bolts, offering a different size option for your hardware needs.

Installation Guide:

These Universal Mounting Plates simplify the process of attaching table legs. Here's a general guide on how to use them (we also have a full YouTube Video HERE showing the process):

  1. First, you would position the Universal Mounting Plates at the top of each leg where you want to attach it to the tabletop.

  2. Next, using the pre-drilled holes in the Universal Mounting Plates as guides, mark your hole locations and then drill holes into the table legs and insert the threaded inserts (either M5 or M6 depending on the size of your bolts).

  3. Then, align the Universal Mounting Plates (now attached to the table legs) with the underside of the tabletop. Once your legs are in the position you are happy with, trace the location with a pencil. Using the Mounting Plate Router Template can help you ensure accurate alignment.

  4. Then remove the wooden leg and attach your acrylic Mounting Plate Router Template to the bottom of the table top aligning the inside cutout on the template with the pencil lines. Once aligned and secured to the underside of the table with Template Tape (2 sided tape), you are ready to use your router to create the pocket that will receive the Universal Mounting Plate for a flush install.

  5. Once you are finished routing your pocket, you can mark the locations of your bolt heads that are holding the Universal mounting Plates on the legs. We use either a router or a forstner bit to create a pocket to receive the bolt heads for a flush fit.

  6. Finally, secure the legs to the tabletop by inserting the bolts through the holes in the Universal Mounting Plates and threading them into the inserts in the tabletop.

Whether you're a furniture DIY enthusiast, professional woodworker, or simply looking to upgrade your home furnishings, our Universal Mounting Plates are the go-to choice for a reliable, sturdy, and easy installation process. By choosing our mounting plates, you're investing in a product that values quality, durability, and ease-of-use, ensuring your furniture stands the test of time. Boost the lifespan and stability of your furniture projects with our Universal Mounting Plates today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Super awesome quality. Haven’t installed yet

Raymond Sbrega (Monroe, US)
Great quality, but requires an extra step!

Just what I needed for a huge table top.

I didn't look at the bolts well enough to realize they are not flush with the plate. Requires extra time to free hand route a pocket for them. Watch their video for more info!

An update to flat head bolts that seat into the plate would be perfect.

Angela Dennis (Oshawa, CA)
Universal mounting plates

The use of the mounting plates on my table eliminated the slight wobble that was there when I originally tried attaching the table leg.

Joe Whelan (Uckfield, GB)

I will be using these on my next project. They are going to be great. I will be using them for all my A frame tables in future. 👍

These Plates are the best

These plates made my life lot easier, super convenient.